it looks like miracle, but it is science

An human energetic DNA – the guiding theme, 

All my life I have been occupied with the study and practice of human energetic DNA. I love this topic because I see very great extraordinary opportunities for humanity in terms of development of man and creation of a diamond civilization. 

I compare a human energetic DNA – to an energy system glowing with various beautiful and such miracles colors,

In the future  you will ask –  show me colors of your spirit  (colors of  energetic DNA color, I’ll see if we match, how can we complete each other! Show me, please what’s your color of success? And what color of love do you have? 

Energetic DNA is the key  to have more  power to grow spiritually and to achieve your own goals. 

We arrive on planet Earth with a birth date with a unique energy system that stimulates us on a basic – biochemical level. This is our hidden nature, which can be perfectly illustrated with colors. Even out of curiosity, it is good and valuable to know them. Show off, See these are my colors, and this color of love is mine …. 

Find out ..

It is interesting – men most often ask for the color of wealth and women – of love.

The system of energy manifestations  that make up the DNA Code – their quality, mutual relation and polarization, definitely determine the character of a person, and thus indirectly determine his fate. Energetic DNA directly influences our spontaneous, uncontrolled reactions, and thus triggers the entire chain of events – because we create such and no other events at the basic level. We attract like a magnet (someone who has too much red in the DNA Code acts like a cloth on a bull).

The more the Energetic DNA is saturated with all colors – the better we are. We have charisma – we achieve everything with ease.

Man on the biochemical level, as I mentioned, is their unique blend of colors. I have long been interested in how it can actually – but YES really – (no blah blah blah …) noticeably help a person (who feels unrealized, feels that he is not using his potential) by transforming him at the level of the Energetic DNA.

Practice shows that it is possible that adding an element missing in the code (sometimes two) – balances the birth code – adds color to the personality. It radically changes human reactions and behavior at the emotional level. As a result, it has a positive effect on the person’s life.



I like to paint an energetic dna of clients. The spirit od man is speaking to me

My paints are abstractive, 

paint of tree of life

we are creator of world....

 The creation of the world, of us reality depends on: what we think, what we feel and how we act. Us action depends on our inner emotional state and how far we can take it under control of our conscious mind.

Je more our energy / colors level is balanced – the more accurately we take action.  

It is cool  to know personally your favorite color, which completes you on the level of energy and  gives power to create… whatever you dream.



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